Thanks for stopping by! My name is Grey, and I’m a doctoral graduate from Georgia Tech, doing some awesome open source robotics software development at Open Robotics. I primarily contribute to Gazebo and Ignition.

Software Development

As mentioned above, I primarily do development on Gazebo and Ignition. In the past, my software development effort was focused on DART (Dynamic Animation and Robotics Toolkit), and I continue to play a very active role in its ongoing development and maintenance as time permits. Going further back, I have also contributed to software systems for teleoperating the HUBO research platform.

Ultimately, I’d like to help in developing open source software tools to enable advanced robotics research and to realize robotics systems that can exploit their dynamics while autonomously performing high-level tasks.

When developing software, I always aim to strike a careful balance between performance, safety, comprehensiveness, extensibility, maintainability, and user-friendliness.

Past Research Topics

My past research projects primarily revolve around Humanoid Robotics and Motion Planning. More broadly, I’m fascinated by the dynamics of legged robots and Locomanipulation Planning. I am also interested in developing high-performance Teleoperation frameworks suitable for highly dynamic robot platforms.

Contact me

If you have questions about my work or are interested in collaborating, I encourage you to contact me.

I’m always happy to take questions or concerns regarding Gazebo or DART, but if the topic might be relevant to a broader audience, then I strongly encourage you to post on the issues pages for each project (Gazebo, DART). If you’re unsure whether your question or concern warrants posting an issue, I’ll be glad to advise you in the matter when you contact me.