Thanks for stopping by! My name is Grey, and I’m a senior software engineer at Open Robotics which I joined after finishing my doctorate in robotics at Georgia Tech. At Open Robotics I primarily contribute to the Robotics Middleware Framework, System of Systems Synthesizer, Gazebo, and Ignition projects.

Volunteer Efforts

I’m proud to volunteer my time to the Code in the Community program which provides free computer programming lessons to children of underprivileged families in Singapore. This is a fantastic program, and I would urge anyone in Singapore with a programming background to try out a round of volunteering.

Past Research Topics

My past research projects primarily revolved around Humanoid Robotics and Motion Planning. More broadly, I’m fascinated by the dynamics of legged robots and Locomanipulation Planning. I have also been interested in developing high-performance Teleoperation frameworks suitable for highly dynamic robot platforms.

Contact me

If you have questions about my work or are interested in collaborating, I encourage you to contact me.

I’m always happy to take questions or concerns regarding the projects that I work on, but if the topic might be relevant to a broader audience, then I strongly encourage you to post on the issues pages for the relevant project. If you’re unsure whether your question or concern warrants posting an issue, I’ll be glad to advise you in the matter when you contact me.